Woman Somehow Manages To Pepper Spray Herself While Walking Home Alone

Woman Somehow Manages To Pepper Spray Herself While Walking Home Alonehannajakobsen1/TikTok

A TikTok user has learned how painful pepper spray is the hard way, after accidentally spraying herself in the face with it while walking home.

In the video, Danish TikToker Hanna Jakobsen is filming herself walking home from what she describes as ‘probably a one-night stand,’ and shares how before she left the guy’s place, he’d given her a can of pepper spray to keep her safe on the way back.

It’s a nice gesture, right? Aside from staying the night, walking her home or getting a taxi together… But unfortunately it seems like Hanna could have benefitted from a crash course on how to use the spray. Eager to show it off to her followers, she points it in front of her and gives it a try, but the wind is blowing in the wrong direction and the stream of pepper spray goes shooting straight back into her face. ‘Oh my god my eye!’ she shouts, before taking off running while crying ‘It burns!’.

While its good to know that the pepper spray worked, Hanna would probably have preferred not to be its first victim. Her video has had more than 600,000 views, and has also made its way to Reddit, where users were both sympathetic and amused by her mistake.

‘Hope she’s ready for a good hour or two of burning pain. She really went from a happy girl coming home from a one night stand to complete misery in 2 seconds,’ one person wrote, while another said that they felt her pain, posting ‘anybody else’s eyes started watering after she did that??’

Other users shared their own experiences of self-inflicted pepper spray accidents, but mostly, people were just there to make jokes.

As one user put it, ‘Congratulations, you sprayed yourself.’

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