TikTokers Successfully Convince Men That Women Peel Their Skin Off On Their Periods

TikTokers Successfully Convince Men That Women Peel Their Skin Off On Their Periodsdfinkk/TikTok

A TikToker has successfully – and hilariously – managed to convince a fair number of her male followers that women peel off their own skin whilst on their periods.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, model and aspiring actor Dakota Fink could be seen peeling away what appears to be a facemask with a completely straight face. The text reads, ‘throwback to when men didn’t know we had to peel off layers of our skin after our period’.

The vid, captioned, ‘How did they not know this wtf ??’, has been watched well over two and a half million times. Incredibly, a fair few men in the comment section were reeled in, left completely amazed by their ‘discovery’.

Check it out below:

One touchingly empathetic bloke wrote:

So it’s true… to every girl, woman, and non binaries that have periods. I’m so sorry y’all have to go through soo much.

Another innocent sort gasped:

I’m a boy and is this true girls?

Unfortunately for the lads who were left doubting their basic biology knowledge after Dakota’s daft prank, there weren’t many girls out there willing to give up the game. And some of the comments are priceless.

One woman wrote:

Anyone who says they don’t have it is a pick me girl. It’s normal. Normalize it.

Another said:

I still remember how scared I was when I had to peel it for the first time.

Although there are some pretty out there side effects of periods, I’m almost disappointed to say this isn’t one of them. I mean, how cool would it be to feel like a snake for a few days a month?

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