Shocking New Footage Shows Moment When Lady Gaga’s Dogs Were Stolen

Shocking New Footage Shows Moment When Lady Gaga's Dogs Were Stolenladygag/Instagram/TMZ

A horrifying video has emerged showing the moment Lady Gaga’s dog walker was confronted and shot multiple times by masked men, who then stole two of her beloved dogs.

Surveillance footage taken from a neighbour’s home shows a white sedan pull up behind Ryan Fischer, before two armed men get out of the back seat.

One of the men can be seen holding up a gun and telling Fischer to ‘give it up’, before shooting him in the chest.

You can watch the distressing clip here:

Fischer was shot in the chest four times outside his home on Sierra Bonita Avenue in West Hollywood at around 10pm on February 24. When police arrived at the scene, the 30-year-old was said to be barely breathing, and was rushed to hospital in a ‘grave’ condition.

He is, however, said to be ‘recovering well’ and is expected to make a full recovery.

The shooters managed to make off with two of Gaga’s French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, however the third, Miss Asia, fled when the men got out of the car, and later return to Fischer as he remained injured on the road.

As per TMZ, the neighbour only agreed to release the disturbing footage after hearing that Gaga’s team wanted the world to see it, in a bid to try and track down the shooter and recover her two dogs.

The singer, who had left her dogs in Fischer’s care during a trip to Italy, has now offered a $500,000 reward for the safe return of Koji and Gustav. Anyone with any information on the dogs is encouraged to contact ‘[email protected]’ to organise the return of the safe dogs, ‘no questions asked’.

It remains unclear whether the thieves knew the dogs belonged to Gaga at the time of the attack, however French bulldogs are particularly in demand at the moment. Dogs that have pedigree lineage, and therefore are considered to be perfect for breeding, can sell for as much as $10,000.

Lady GagaLady Gaga/Instagram

As it stands, there are no known suspects for the shooting and dognapping, however it’s hoped that someone might recognise the car or the men and come forward with some information.

The neighbour who released the footage believes the getaway car was a Nissan, and it appears as though it could be either an Altima or a Sentra.

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