Psychedelic Drug Therapy Now Offered At Canadian Clinic

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Psychedelic drug therapy is now being offered at a Canadian clinic.

The ATMA Urban Journey Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, is the first clinic to offer federally approved psychedelic therapy, coming a month after Tony White, from Airdrie, received official magic mushroom treatment.

It’s believed psilocybin, the active drug in magic mushrooms, could help provide palliative care for terminal cancer patients following decades of research and clinical trials – however, they’re still ongoing.

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David Harder, the CEO of the clinic, told CBC’s The Homestretch: ‘It’s kind of the opposite of what a typical antidepressant or psychotic medication would do.’

He continued: ‘Typically, they will suppress or numb down what’s happening in your emotions and spirit body, whereas the psychedelics will actually raise those things and allow a therapist to work with you to really work through and not just suppress whatever that is that’s holding you back, for example, for depression or anxiety, PTSD especially.’

White said the magic mushroom therapy helped unload some of the anxiety he’d been experiencing since receiving his diagnosis. ‘I just was lying there and I felt like I couldn’t be at more peace then, right then and there,’ he said.

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The therapy is overseen by chief medical officer Dr. Ravinder Bains, and will only use magic mushrooms as other psychedelics may include fentanyl and other cutting agents, which could be hazardous.

Harder said: ‘It’s a mushroom. So you can see it. It’s a dried mushroom. So that’s where Health Canada is saying it’s a much less risk than, say, some of the white powder drugs that are being used for psychedelics.’

He added: ‘The studies have been done. We know this is safe. We know this is efficacious. We know it helps. And with the growing mental health crisis in our country, we know that this is something that could really help the issues that our society is facing.’

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