People Can’t Believe Lionel Richie’s Girlfriend Is Younger Than His Daughter

People Can't Believe Lionel Richie's Girlfriend Is Younger Than His Daughterlionelrichie/Instagram

Lionel Richie fans have been left unable to believe that his long-time girlfriend is actually younger than his own daughter.

Richie, 71, has been romantically involved with Lisa Parigi, 30, for some time, with reports suggesting that the pair first began dating back in 2014.

However, their age gap has recently sparked interest after Richie began trending on Twitter, prompting some to note that Paragi was actually significantly younger than his 39-year-old daughter, Nicole Richie.

The tweet that appears to have sparked the trend reads as follows:

Lionel Richie with his new Bae, he’s 71 and she’s 30, love wins.

Although Parigi is a long-term partner and not a ‘new Bae’, many have come forward to wish the couple all the best, with many remarking that age is only a number when it comes to love.

One person tweeted:

For two seconds let’s ignore the fact that she was probably conceived to a Lionel Richie song and concentrate on how great this man looks at 71.

Another wrote that, ‘When the body is 71 outside and you are 32 inside.’

Parigi, who wasn’t even born when Ritchie released classics such as Easy and Three Times a Lady, is originally from Switzerland and now lives in Los Angeles, as per

Having previously worked as a model and in the corporate sector, Parigi now runs a lifestyle blog called Dream Design Discover and is also the founder and CEO of lifestyle brand The Estate Collection, which sells candles and fragrance oils.

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