Oklahoma Teacher Put On Leave After Calling Student N-Word And Threatening To Call Police

Teacher Put On Leave After Calling Student N-Word And Threatening To Call Policetaleala.yarbrough/Facebook

A teacher in Oklahoma has been put on administrative leave after she was filmed calling a Black student a derogatory term.

The video, which was posted to Facebook, shows an altercation between the teacher and a student who is trying to leave her classroom.

As the student is heard telling someone on the phone that he is going to ‘walk home’, the Holdenville High School teacher tells him, ‘I’m keeping you here.’

At one point, she is seen trying to physically stop him from leaving, first by grabbing his arms and then later holding his backpack.

Taleala Yarbrough/FscebookTaleala Yarbrough/Fscebook

‘Watch where you touch me,’ he is heard telling her, before breaking free.

As they argue back and forth about him leaving, she says, ‘You better get yourself over there [N-word], do it!’

‘I asked you. I said, ‘What would happen if I said it?’ Right? And so, you didn’t think it was okay,’ she says, referring to him using the term, after students in the class gasp in shock.

Upset by her use of the slur, the student appears to grab her glasses and mask and throws them on the ground.

‘Call the police. Call the police,’ the teacher is then heard telling the rest of the students in the classroom, to which one responds, ‘I’m calling.’

Taleala Yarbrough/FscebookTaleala Yarbrough/Fscebook

Following the incident, Holdenville School District told News 9 that it ‘is fully aware of the incident’. It said the school district is conducting a full investigation into the altercation, and that the teacher will ‘remain on administrative leave through the duration of a full investigation’.

‘Holdenville Public Schools’ main priority is the safety and well-being of our students. The district is fully aware of the incident that occurred at our high school on Friday, April 9, 2021. At this time, the staff member in question has been placed on administrative leave and will be through the duration of a full investigation is completed,’ the school said.

Shawna Jim, whose niece attends the school, told the outlet that she wants to see repercussions for the teacher.

Taleala Yarbrough/FscebookTaleala Yarbrough/Fscebook

‘I want her out of the classroom. If she thinks language like that is acceptable or appropriate in a classroom full of students, I don’t think she should be an educator,’ Jim said.

On Facebook, the video has recieved more than 200 comments from upset parents.

‘She was antogonising him. He had so much restraint,’ one person wrote.

They added, ‘I can imagine what she said to him before the recording started. She was being a bully. Regardless of what the kid did, she handled the situation very poorly. She needs to retire now!’

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