Mike Tyson Golfs And Smokes Weed At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mansion

Mike Tyson Golfs And Smokes Weed At Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mansionhenry_cejudo/Instagram

Mike Tyson has been spotted taking some time out to relax at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Los Angeles mansion.

Videos from inside Schwarzenegger’s home see the pair sit down to take on one another on in a chess match, before making their way outside.

Later, the group were seen playing some golf, with Tyson lighting up a joint to mark the occasion.

Also in attendance, former UFC champion Henry Cejudo was seen flexing next to Schwarzenegger‘s famous bodybuilding statue, and at one point, wielding the legendary Conan sword.

Taking to Instagram after the visit, Cejudo thanked The Terminator actor for his hospitality.

‘It’s an honour to be invited to the man’s house who’s cut from the same cloth as me. @schwarzenegger you are The American Dream,’ he wrote, alongside a reel of pictures from the day.

In 2016, Tyson founded a cannabis company called Tyson Ranch. The boxing legend previously told Joe Rogan’s Experience podcast he had ‘pretty much’ given up smoking weed ahead of his fight against Roy Jones Jr in November 2020.

At the time, he told Rogan, who is also a stand-up comedian, ‘Listen, you can’t continue being a comedian if you’re not sharpening your psyche.’

PAPA Images

‘Even when you’re doing this here, you’re practising your comedian act. You have to continue to practice,’ he said.

When asked if he had smoked before the fight, he said, ‘Absolutely. I smoke during fights. I smoked every day, I never stopped smoking.’

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