Llamas Are Now Delivering Food To People In Isolation In South Wales

Llamas Are Now Delivering Food To People In Isolation In South WalesPembrokeshire Llamas/Instagram

A helpful llama is solving drama in south Wales by delivering food parcels to locals who are high risk and self-isolating.

Max the llama has been travelling around Llandissilio in Pembrokeshire, delivering essential items to those who are unable to leave their homes during the current health crisis.

The furry animal is no stranger to helping members of the public, as his day job sees him taking tourists on treks around the area. However, Max has also been able to put his ability to carry heavy loads to good use during lockdown by helping out the locals instead.

Check out Max in action:

Matt Yorke, who runs Pembrokeshire Llamas, told ITV that many of the roads can be difficult to reach by vehicles, which makes Max’s deliveries ‘an excellent eco-friendly alternative’.

‘The feedback from residents has been extremely positive. Everyone says it’s a huge improvement on traditional food shopping,’ he said. ‘It’s great exercise, great fun and useful to residents.’

Matt added that keeping Max busy doing deliveries is also a great way to keep up his training and keep his mind stimulated.

Llamas like Max can carry between 25-30% of their bodyweight for as far as up to eight miles, making them incredibly useful pack animals.

In Pembrokeshire, llamas are often used for events such as weddings and birthdays, according to Matt.

What better way to spread some joy to those really in need than having Max turn up at your door with all the essentials?

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