Golfer’s Social Distancing Trick Shot Goes Wrong And ‘Almost Kills’ Girlfriend

A golfer came up with a cool trick shot in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, but ‘almost killed’ his girlfriend while trying to perfect it.  

Many golfers will have no doubt found themselves at a loose end when courses closed and everyone was encouraged to stay at home, but Dutch pro Joost Luiten apparently spent his spare time coming up with new techniques and strategies to ensure he could play a safe round once he was able.

Unfortunately, while his plan was good in theory, the ‘safe’ aspect of it didn’t quite work out in practise.

Luiten had come up with a trick shot which involved his caddy standing at a safe distance away from him, in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Rather than risk contact by passing the golf clubs between one another, footage filmed by Luiten’s girlfriend, Melanie-Jane Lancaster, shows Luiten’s caddy throwing the club, ready for the golfer to catch it and move right into a swing.

But the last attempt didn’t go to plan.

Check out the video here:

The manoeuvre meant Luiten wasn’t able to carefully and concisely align his club with the ball before hitting it – he just had to give it a go and hope for the best.

Evidently, things did not go well. Joost could be seen attempting the shot numerous times on Instagram, the first of which saw the ball fly off in what I assume was the complete wrong direction, if the golfer’s burst of laughter is anything to go by.

The following attempts were also failures, as he caught the club in the wrong way and at one point missed the ball altogether.

Golfer accidentally hits ball at girlfriend during trick shotJoost Luiten/Instagram

In the final attempt, Luiten successfully hit the ball, but accidentally directed it straight towards his girlfriend, who screamed out in pain before the video cut.

Joost’s shock and horror was evident, but he has assured his followers Melanie-Jane didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Sharing the video, he wrote:

Pfff playing golf with a caddy and keeping the 1.5m is hard.

Almost killing my girlfriend in the process trying to master social distancing (she survived, just a bruise).

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Season is done✅ 25th in the Race to Dubai!🏌🏽‍♂️ #proudgirlfriend Now back home in the cold for some work! 💻

A post shared by Melanie-Jane Lancaster (@melanielancaster1) on Nov 25, 2019 at 6:50am PST

Of course, we can’t blame golfers for being rusty after being torn away from their beloved sport, but I’m sure one of the first things they teach you in the sport is to make sure you’re not likely to hit anyone with the ball.

Joost did claim he ‘told [Melanie-Jane] not to film from there’ in one of his hashtags, but hopefully both members of the couple will have learned from the incident and she won’t suffer any more injuries as a result of Luiten’s experimental shots.

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