Fox Found With Impressive Collection Of Over 100 Stolen Shoes

A thieving fox has accumulated an impressive collection of more than 100 shoes and appears to be quite the Croc lover. 

The fox had been keeping up its mischief for weeks before the secret stash was found. The large collection boasted an array of types of shoes; from flip-flops to Crocs to sandals and trainers.

The discovery came after residents of Zehlendorf, Berlin, noticed their shoes kept going missing and caught the culprit red handed.

Zehlenforf resident Christian Meyer posted about his shoe going missing on a local Facebook group; he was particularly pissed because the shoe stolen was one of a brand new, expensive pair of gym shoes. Meyer soon discovered he wasn’t alone in his situation.

After posting in the group, Meyer was tipped off by someone as to where the fox may be and ended up seeing the animal for himself with two flip-flops in its mouth, reported Tagesspiegel Checkpoint. 

A few days later, Meyer followed the fox into a large green area and crawled through a thicket for an hour to get there. Eventually Meyer discovered the collection of 100 shoes – but to no avail, his gym shoe couldn’t be seen. While his shoe wasn’t there, its thought that some of the slightly gnawed but otherwise fine shoes have been returned to their owners.

People have spoken about the unique situation on social media. One person said, ‘he seems to like crocs lol’, to which someone joked, ‘A Croc video advertisement is aleady in production, I bet. I hope the fox reap some benefits for all his/her hard work’. I mean, that’s an advert I’d watch.

Someone else suggested that maybe the fox was wanting to set up a used shoe shop. That could explain where Meyer’s running shoe went…

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