Facebook And Instagram Are Down For Thousands Of Users

Facebook And Instagram Are Down For Thousands Of UsersPexels

Facebook and Instagram are down for thousands of users across the UK.

People have been left unable to message people on the popular social media platforms as well as finding themselves unable to update their feeds.

DownDectector reported the two platforms were down at 3.08pm GMT. It’s currently unclear why the issues have occurred and what’s being done about it.

The crash is also affecting the Workplace app, an accompaniment to Messenger that’s often used by companies, therefore wreaking havoc on people’s work communications.

While WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, it appears as if that messaging app is working fine.

People have taken to Twitter – which is still up and running – to express their frustration. One person tagged Facebook in a tweet that read, ‘Your application messenger is down and is down for thousands are we going to get a response?’

This is the second time in recent months that the two platforms have gone down. Back in December Facebook and Instagram crashed and people experienced the same issues that they are today.

Someone else said, ‘How @Facebook can’t keep messenger from going down is beyond me.’

Another Twitter-user wrote:

Nothing more frustrating whilst trying to rearrange clients weddings for the 90th time (thanks covid) than #facebookmessenger going down. And business suite is shit since they changed it too! Bring back being able to manually book appts and add labels.

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, people across the globe have been relying on social media as a way of keeping in touch with people. It’s proved particularly vital in keeping some business going, enhancing people’s frustrations of Facebook and Instagram crashing for second time in three months.

Facebook is yet to comment on the ongoing technical issues.

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