Charlize Theron Says Lesbian Remake Of Die Hard Is A ‘Great Idea’

Charlize Theron Says Lesbian Remake Of Die Hard Is A 'Great Idea'PA Images/20th Century Fox

Charlize Theron has reaffirmed her interest in a lesbian remake of Die Hard, remarking that it would be a ‘great idea’.

The 45-year-old actor first expressed enthusiasm for this new take in early December, in response to a festive tweet from a fan.

The fan wrote, ‘Lesbian Christmas rom coms are all well and good but what I REALLY want is a Die Hard where Charlize Theron goes on a rampage to save her wife.’

Apparently more than willing to climb about in that lift shaft in her bare feet, Theron simply replied, ‘Where do I sign?’

Theron, who has previously proven her badass credentials in movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road, has now confirmed that she would be up for this project during a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

During the interview, which was published in the 27th annual Hollywood issue of the magazine, Theron asserted:

I mean, it’s a great idea. That’s why I replied on Twitter. Because I just thought that was kind of brilliant.

I was like, ‘This person needs to start pitching. That’s a great idea’. And the fact that it would be two women, I was like, ‘Yeah, sign me on’.

Of course, Bruce Willis would be a tough act to follow, and it’s difficult to imagine him not being part of the beloved Christmas favourite.

However, we reckon Theron would be absolutely phenomenal in this role, bringing a new take on the story for a new generation of action movie lovers.

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