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Crypto Billionaire Donates $1.2 Billion Worth Of Shiba Inu Coin To India And Devalues It

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Palestine Writer Removed From His Home After Speaking To CNN About Forced Evictions

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Human Intervention May Be Required At Chernobyl As Radiation Levels Spike

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Student’s Powerful Harvard Admission Essay About Losing Her Mum To Cancer Praised

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More Than 100 Anti-Trump Republicans Threaten To Form New Party

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Goldman Sachs Boss Reportedly Quits After Making Millions From Dogecoin

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Some Women Want To Keep Wearing Face Masks As An ‘Invisibility Cloak’

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Humanity’s Enormous Climate Emissions Shrinking The Stratosphere, Research Shows

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First Transgender Bishop Elected To Evangelical Lutheran Church

mmrohrer/Twitter/Instagram The Evangelical Lutheran Church has elected its first-ever transgender bishop. Rev. Megan Rohrer, pastor at