Age-Defying Influencer Is Regularly Mistaken For A Man In His Twenties

An age-defying influencer has said he’s regularly mistaken for being half his age, as a result of his seemingly ageless looks.

Edson Brandon, who works as an influencer, personal coach and writer, has been blessed with good genetics and a youthful appearance, meaning people would usually guess he’s around his 20s or early 30s.

While you’re probably wondering what the secret to his looks are, he’s never had plastic surgery, and puts it all down to good nutrition and skin care, adding that he’s got more energy now than he’s ever had in his life.

Brandon, who is a surprising 53 years old, thinks of his body as a temple, therefore he avoids sugar, processed and fried foods, and never smokes or touches drugs. Instead, he only drinks mineral water – of which he drinks two litres a day.

‘There is no difference between how I feel now compared to in my twenties, I feel that I have the same energy as before. To be honest, I feel better than ever before,’ Edson said. ‘People are always in shock when they find out I am fifty-three. They all think I am twenty-five.’

It is fantastic to see how people are overwhelmed by my young appearance and that I can inspire them to change their lifestyle if they want.

I eat everything in a moderate way. I avoid eating sugar, industrialised food, snacks, and fried products. I never drink soft drinks because that is unhealthy. Last but not least, I have never smoked or used drugs in my life.

Although Edson lifts weights everyday to keep him in good shape, he believes positive thinking plays a huge role in his youthfulness, as ‘the power of positive thinking radiates a good energy for your body and mind.’

A typical day of food for him consists of a fresh fruit smoothie, almond milk and cereal and homemade vegan pancakes for breakfast, grilled white fish or chicken with vegetables and brown rice for lunch, and salmon with mushroom, tomatoes and brown rice or sweet potato for dinner.

Edson documents his healthy lifestyle on his Instagram account @edsonsecrets, and has even written a book, titled Young After 40, where he reveals his secrets to staying youthful and happy.

‘I like to inspire other people to give them a positive message that you can achieve everything in life if you really want to. I am the evidence that a human-being can stay and feel young even as you get older,’ he said.

‘The first step [to maintaining a youthful appearance] is to accept and love yourself. You are okay as you are. Then, create a daily routine of skin care, exercises, to eat and drink healthy, always look on the bright side of life and count your blessings.’

There we have it, the secret to everlasting youth.

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