13-Year-Old Genius Shares Hack For Closing Crisp Packets Correctly

13-Year-Old Genius Shares Hack For Closing Crisp Packets CorrectlyJam Press

A 13-year-old has shared a genius hack for closing crisp packets correctly.

We all saw the video on how to close a cereal box correctly – now one doing the same for crisp packets has surfaced too.

The viral clip was made by Hailey, 13, from Ontario, Canada, who was showing her mother Michelle, 43, how she managed to seal a bag of crisps without using any rubber bands or clips.

Check it out here:

Mind = blown.

Astounded by her daughter’s clever hack, Michelle filmed Hailey doing it and shared it on her Facebook page. Since doing so, the video has gone viral and gained a whopping 6.3 million views and has been shared more than 160,000 times.

Showing the step-by-step process, Hailey placed the bag of crisps on the table and folded the edges towards each other followed by twisting the bag on to the other side and rolling the plastic film to seal the bag shut.

To prove it worked, the 13-year-old then tipped the bag upside down to show that it stayed shut.

CrispsJam Press

Speaking about her now viral clip, Hailey said: 

TikTok has lots of trends like these and I was seeing lots of clips about how to close a packet of crisps.

I showed my mum the trick and she wanted to film me and posted it up on Facebook. It’s pretty cool that a lot of people saw it. Hopefully, this trick helped them.

One person commented dubbing the the teenager a ‘f*cking genius’, while someone else said, ‘omg how have we survived this long without knowing these things’.

Get this girl to Harvard already.

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