Mike Tyson Golfs And Smokes Weed At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mansion

henry_cejudo/Instagram Mike Tyson has been spotted taking some time out to relax at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Los

Oklahoma Teacher Put On Leave After Calling Student N-Word And Threatening To Call Police

taleala.yarbrough/Facebook A teacher in Oklahoma has been put on administrative leave after she was filmed calling

Former Minnesota Police Officer Who Killed Daunte Wright Will Be Charged With Second-Degree Manslaughter

PA Images/Katie Wright Former Minnesota Police Officer Kim Potter will be charged with second-degree manslaughter in

Here’s What The Hijab Ban Means For Young Muslims

rawdis/Instagram/PA Images Earlier this month, France’s conservative-led Senate approved amendments to its so-called ‘anti-separatism bill’ that,

Biden Proceeding With Trump’s Controversial $23.4 Billion Arms Deal To United Arab Emirates

PA Images US President Joe Biden is going ahead with a controversial $23.4 billion arms deal

Russian State Media Claims War With US ‘Inevitable’ As Tensions On Ukraine Border Rise

PA Images War between the US and Russia is ‘inevitable’, according to Russian state media, as

Vin Diesel Says Fast & Furious Will Keep Paul Walker’s ‘Beautiful Spirit’ Alive

Universal Pictures Vin Diesel says Paul Walker’s ‘beautiful spirit’ will always be alive in the Fast

Vin Diesel Says To ‘Expect The Unexpected’ As Fast 9 Goes To Outer Space

Universal Pictures Flying cars, ultra-powered magnets, space travel (!): when it comes to Fast and Furious

Helen Mirren Says She Was Sexually Harassed Almost Every Day As Young Woman

PA Images Dame Helen Mirren has said she was sexually harassed almost every day as a

Black Officer Who Was Fired For Stopping Colleague’s Chokehold Vindicated By Court

Cariol Holloman-Horne/Facebook/PA Images A Black police officer who was fired for stopping her colleague from performing

Smacking Your Child May Affect Their Brain Development, Study Warns

Shutterstock (Stock Images) Being smacked by parents may affect a child’s brain development, according to a

Ashnikko’s Rising Playlist Portrays An ‘Absolute Rollercoaster Of Emotions’

Warner Music Ahead of her new livestream show to accompany last year’s critically acclaimed mixtape DEMIDEVIL,

New Biden Policy Makes It Possible For Women To Get Abortion Pill In The Mail

PA The Biden administration will allow patients to be prescribed and sent an abortion medication without

Bernie Madoff, Mastermind Of Biggest Investment Fraud In US History, Dies In Prison Aged 82

PA/US Department of Justice Bernie Madoff, who was imprisoned for orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme, has

Texas Proposes Bill To Separate Trans Children From Their Families

PA Images The Texas state legislature has proposed a bill that would see trans children separated